Seeing patients in Michigan.

In-home medical care on the doorsteps of Michiganders is available in Southeast & Central Michigan and expanding to the entire lower peninsula in 2023.

Office Locations

Landmark’s community-based providers and multidisciplinary care teams live and work near our patients. We go to them – where they reside and when they need care. We connect as a team in our local offices to collaborate on patient cases in order to see and treat the whole patient.

Traverse City

13919 South West Bay Shore Drive Unit G03
Traverse City, MI 49684

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Interested in being a Landmark patient?

Call Landmark at the number below to see if you qualify.

Landmark services are available to patients who qualify through their health plan or provider organization. Eligible patients have multiple chronic health conditions and are enrolled in one of the organizations shown below. Call Landmark if you or a loved one meet this criteria.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan - UAW Trust Members

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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

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Exciting career opportunities in Michigan

Is your career in medicine everything you envisioned? Medicine is moving home. Join our mission and movement to bring preventative and urgent care to patients with serious illness where they live. We are actively hiring medical providers throughout the U.S.

Careers at Landmark